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Feb 18, 2021


Who wouldn't want their home to last for as many years as possible? After all, a home is a safe place where most people live the longest. However, many people forget that our houses are held upon by their foundations, which makes the structural integrity of the house extremely important. If the foundation suffers damage, the whole structure is affected, and that’s where the underpinning process comes in.

Dec 31, 2020

Concrete Repairs

If you own a house you are always learning something new. You may notice some cracks in the concrete that weren’t there before. While a small crack may not be too alarming, it could eventually turn into a bigger issue.

Feb 26, 2020


Any structural imperfections in your home are a cause for concern. They are an indicator of weaknesses in the structure and unstable ground conditions. When they become visible, so do your concerns. Underpinning is not the solution in all cases - it depends on the causes and local conditions, but once our inspection team confirms that it’s the best option, what then?